National Medical and General Biology Competition 2020


National Medical and General Biology Competition (NMGBC) is the biggest annual event held by Asian Medical Students’ Association Universitas Indonesia (AMSA-UI). NMGBC is a scientific competition based on medical and general biology held for all high school students across Indonesia. Every year NMGBC comes up with different themes and topics, and last year’s theme was the Gastrointestinal system.

As for this year’s NMGBC, we’ve decided to go with the Special Senses as the theme of NMGBC 2020, as it has never been done before. These days, issues about our human special senses such as people living with cataract, blindness, and deafness are somehow neglected even though it’s included as one of the diseases with a high number of prevalence especially in Indonesia. Other than that, people suffering from sensory disorders and disabilities have lots of limitations throughout their life as it’s congenital. Blindness for example, Indonesia has a large population of blind people. According to the Badan Pusat Statistik, around 8,5% of the country’s total of 240 million people live with disabilities. This number includes 3,5 million people suffering from blindness, making Indonesia the second highest rate of blindness in the world.

Based on those concerns, in hoping to increase their knowledge and awareness to the community related to our human Special Senses system and disability, we’ve decided to come up with the Special Senses as the theme of NMGBC 2020.


NMGBC 2020 will be held ONLINE on Oct 10, 2020.

Competition Branches

  • Preliminary Round
  • First menu of our competition, Endurance test! All participants will be served two sets of questions, General Biology and Medical Biology, to decide the Top 50 performing teams for the next round!

  • Semifinal: Integrative Exam
  • Our daily exam in FKUI featured here! A set of integrated practical questions will be given with limited time each question. Be precise and stay alert! Only 20 teams are allowed to participate in the next round!

  • Final: General and Medical Biology Quiz
  • Time to have some fun! Prepare your knowledge and a lil' bit of strategy to win the quiz! 5 winners of the quiz will advance to the Grand Final!

  • Grand Final: Students Objective Oral Case Analysis (SOOCA)
  • Ready to step closer to be a med student and "sense" the experiences? Solve our case in a structured way in front of our consultant and be the Champion of the Year!

    P.S. Every team that advanced to the Grand Final will go home with a prize, go get it!

Public Poster is the new face of the Social Campaign Competition in NMGBC. Bringing a brand new outbraving form of competition, our Public Poster Competition would not only encourage critical thinking, but also challenge the future impactors of the nation to actually bring changes to the society.

  • Preliminary Round
  • After the registration is complete, your poster and abstract will be scored and the top 10 will get the privilege to start the campaign!

  • Campaign
  • This is where your team will do a social campaign through online media while your poster is being voted through our exhibition on NMGBC 2020’s Instagram!

  • Presentation
  • The last step will be the day where you meet the judges directly through an online meeting! Your team will present the poster and report of your campaign in front of the judges and audiences. If your team is one of the big 3, then you will bring home the prizes!

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Interactive Seminar: A seminar about Special Senses brought by an expert keynote speaker from Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia.

Simulasi Profesi: Realistic simulation of various cases involving actors and focusing around medical dilemmas faced by medical professionals as well as an introduction on the skills required to become a 5 stars doctor.

Sharing and Games: Small group discussions with facilitators to share experiences, engage in fruitful discussions and playing along with fun bonding games.

Talk show about life as a medical student in FKUI: A fun and interactive session centering on the learning process and student life in Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia.




Open Registration

August 1st, 2020

Close Registration of Biology Competition

September 25th, 2020

Close Registration of Public Poster

September 20th, 2020

Preliminary Round of Biology Competition

October 3rd, 2020

D-Day NMGBC 2020

October 10th, 2020

General Requirements


Biology Competition

Juara 1

Rp 3. 000.000

Juara 2

Rp 2. 000.000

Juara 3

Rp 1. 000.000

Harapan 1

Rp 750.000

Harapan 2

Rp 500.000
Public Poster

Juara 1

Rp 2. 500.000

Juara 2

Rp 1. 750.000

Juara 3

Rp 1. 000.000

Juara Favorit

Rp 500.000

All participants will get e-certificate.

Registration – Be the next winner!

"Luck will side with the people who fight and strive" – Aristotles